Learn the 5 Secrets of how to impress a girl, especially a beautiful supermodel

Have you ever seen a gorgeous woman who could be a supermodel walk down the street holding hands with a shorter, not as attractive guy and wondered to yourself how a guy like that could get a girl like that? That guy probably knows some things that you don’t  the secrets of how to impress a girl

if you learn the 5 secrets of how to impress a girl, especially a supermodel, beautiful, gorgeous woman. Read on to learn the 5 secrets of how toimpress a girl!


1.  Don’t Be Too Serious

When you approach a gorgeous woman, surprise her by not taking yourself too seriously. Eliminate all nervousness from your body language and just have fun when talking to her. Self-deprecation can be very sexy to a beautiful woman  they’re used to guys trying to find out how to impress her, they’re not used to a guy who’s being cool and making fun of himself.

2.  Compliment Her, But Not About Her Looks!

One of the biggest complaints that beautiful women have is that people only notice their beauty and nothing else about them. So, don’t fall into that trap of complimenting her on her looks. Don’t say how beautiful her eyes are or how long her legs are  that’s not how to impress a girl, especially a very hot one. Find other things about her that you like to compliment her about. Maybe she made a cute joke  you could say that you really like how she’s funny and clever.

3.  Have Some Substance

If you’re not good looking, it doesn’t matter. Hot women want you to have something other than looks, because since they’re complimented on it all day long, it’s just not as important to them. You need to have some substance and show that when you talk to her.

4. Keep It Light and Casual

Beautiful women are used to men falling in love with them easily. After all, men are very visual creatures. Don’t fall for her too fast. Keep it light by having light conversations with her that are fun and flirty. Learn how to impress a girl by teasing her, instead of making future plans further than a first date. Make her work for you. Understand how to impress a girl by keeping it light at the beginning.

5.  Don’t Be Dishonest

Since beautiful women have their pick of any man they want, they will expect you to be very honest and straightforward with them. Dishonesty, lying, or vagueness will immediately turn them off. Learn how to impress her by always being honest about yourself. Honesty shows that you’re confident about who you are  that’s always a good way how to impress a girl.

If you understand how a beautiful girl’s mind works and what her experiences with men are like, you will be closer to knowing how to impress a girl, especially a beautiful supermodel.

article source: articlesbase.com