How To Talk To Women – 5 Rules That You Must Follow

Many men encounter problems with meeting women. But in reality, it’s not the thought of “meeting” ladies the real reason why men are scared. It is well known that most men have no idea how to talk to women.

Men are usually baffled when trying to talk to the opposite sex especially if they feel they have nothing interesting to talk about. This is completely natural, which is good news. Men usually have jitters in the stomach and sweaty palms when talking to women they like.

When you think about how to talk to women effectively you only need to keep it to some very basic principles. Because they lack knowledge on the basics, a lot of men try to walk the extra mile but still fail. The top five things to DO and AVOID doing are the following

1.Don’t pretend to be anyone else. You must not pretend to be someone other than yourself when talking to women. Sooner or later, they will be able to notice that you are not being honest with yourself. Instead of getting drawn to you, your artificial personality will only repel women away from you. Women are far more intuitive than men, and they see right through it. So always be yourself.

2. Stay collected and do not overwhelm yourself too much. It is a fact that both men and women feel nervous when talking to the opposite sex, it’s natural. It is crucial that you remain calm throughout your conversation. For your mind to stay relaxed, don’t think about wanting her to be your girlfriend your sole reason for talking to her. Kick-off friendly. You do not need to appear impressive all the time.

3. Look for things you have in common. A simple way to keep the flow of conversation going is to seek a common interest. You can ask her about her most loved cuisine. Begin from there and build the conversation up by talking about your favorite restaurants, chefs, and cooking shows. Discovering a common interest will keep the conversation going. Of course, this also gives you the chance to get to know her better.

4. Stay away from cheesy pick-up lines. Cheesy pick-up lines are too Jurassic. As referred to, a friendly chat to start off with will lead to improved results. This rescues you from a string of uneasy and awkward moments. A wonderful friendship between both of you can be easily developed by practicing it.

5. If it seems like the proper time, smile and laugh.Do not be too stiff. Women love men they can share a laugh with. So share a laugh with everybody by cracking jokes without having to try too hard doing so. Joke around like you do with your close friends (If you have a lot of girl friends it will come naturally to you through experience).

With a great deal of practice over time, you can perfect the skill of how to talk to women. The crucial thing to observe is to be relaxed until the end of the conversation. This will let your real persona shine brightly and draw her in through your true charm.

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