How to attract girls in College without Doing Anything

It is not easy to attract girls in college. Although boys will go to great lengths and do anything to attract girls in college, most of them fail to make an impression.

One way to attract girls in college is to do something unique. This is an advice that most of your peers or friends may impart. The logic is that you are noticed in college for doing things that are out of the ordinary. The idea is that even when you are dressed in something sober and unnoticeable, you may use an accessory that makes you stand out. Or, if you know everyone else will be dressed casually in a college party, wear something formal to get noticed.

On the face of it, it seems to be a good advice. You definitely are noticed if you are doing or acting out of the ordinary. But, is being noticed is all that is to attract girls in college.

There are basically two reasons why it is difficult attract girls in college. For one, being college girls, they are more demanding simply because there have a vast choice in front of them. A college girl will wait for long until she meets a boy she really wants to date. Even after she meets one she likes, she will want to be doubly sure before she takes the relationship a step forward.

It is difficult to attract girls in college also because they are approached by many boys on regular basis, and so they are always one step ahead of you. They know the dating book or the article from where you learned how to attract girls in college. They already know the tricks you are employing to make an opening.

You must realize that it is not being unique, but being interesting that will actually help you attract girls in college. Remember that college girls are smart and will readily pick up an interesting boy from a crowd. College girls being what they are, tend to get bored very quickly. If you are spontaneous in your responses, you are liable to be noticed quickly. Keep the conversation going and do not let it move into a silence zone.

Another thing that you may try is to change your attitude. Say and do things differently when in company of girls. Be polite and respectful to them. If you find it difficult to find topics to talk about, try talking about special skills you might have or things like your goal in life.

There are more ideas if you want to learn how to attract girls in college but the best way is not to be too eager. Try to attract girls, but not chase them. Do not pretend to be what you are not. It may take some time but you can be sure that your honesty and transparency is respected. Remember that college girls are also looking for ways to attract men. Be patient and the girl that is best suited to you will find you without your having to do anything.

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