Dating Secrets All Men Should Know- 3 Secrets of Attracting Women Easily

Just about everyone loves secrets,  am I right?  The thought of being able to tap into some secret and learn how to attract women easily is something that intrigues and tempts a lot of men.  The funny thing about it is,  once you learn the secrets that will help you to attract women easily,  you will probably be surprised at how obvious they really are.

What I see happening a lot is that men make dating and attracting women more complex than it has to be.  When you break down the human mating game,  it’s actually quite a simple thing,  really.  Most men are really just held back by their own limiting beliefs and their own fears about possibly getting rejected.  Once you let go of those beliefs and those fears,  you will find that dating women can actually be pretty fun.

Here are 3 dating secrets of attracting women that all men should know:

1.  Women are not going to be mad when you approach them,  as long as you don’t do anything cheesy or nervy.

I’ll admit that there may be some exceptions to this.  You might come across a woman here and there that has a real attitude or she may be just having a bad day.  Far and wide though,  most of the women that you are going to encounter are not going to have a problem with you making the approach,  as long as you don’t seem like you are just trying to run game on them.

2.  Even the best of the best get shot down sometimes.

One thing that a lot of men will miss out on when they see guys that they think of as being really good with women is,  these guys still do get rejected once in a while.  It’s not like they can end up hooking up with EVERY single woman that they ever encounter.  Some of them are going to say NO.  The difference is,  guys who are good with women can bounce back pretty easily.

3.  Flirting with a woman is something that can get you dates quicker than anything else.

Really, I should say that effective and enjoyable flirting will get you dates really quickly.  Don’t pack any pressure into the experience,  don’t make it seem like you are trying too hard to get a certain outcome.  Just lay back and enjoy yourself and make sure that she is enjoying herself and you will have a really good chance of getting her number or a date.

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