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Secrets Of Beautiful Women – What They Don’t Want You To Know

There are cute girls, there are pretty girls, there are sexy women, attractive women, and once in a long while, you encounter a drop dead beautiful woman. A woman so beautiful, she has an effect on everybody around her and the very air surrounding her seem charged with angelic energy. Awe struck men dare not approach her, and women forget to be envious in their admiration.

Uncommonly beautiful women, attractive women, as well as above average women are usually given special treatment by simple mortals and that gives them even more power than their beauty inherently gives them. Since these women are treated in an exclusive way, they have specific characteristics in common. Certain qualities that you have to know about and overcome in order to approach these princesses. Let’s break the fjorce field around beautiful women by recognizing these secrets of beautiful women.

Secret # 1: Beautiful women know they’re beautiful

All beautiful women know that they’re beautiful. What’s more, they know precisely how beautiful they are and exactly how their beauty level compares in relation to other women. They have such a keen sense of their looks that they even know exactly how much it impacts men and precisely what level of guys they can appeal to with their beauty.

Society and guys normally place value on the woman’s looks and not on the woman herself. So the more beautiful the woman is, the more value she intrinsically has. The woman compares this value to men she meets to judge whether the man has a chance with her or not. The man has a chance if his perceived value is greater than hers. If he does not, he can gawk and fantasize all he wants.

Secret #2: Beautiful women like getting hit on

All women love being hit on and beautiful women are no exception. In fact, they may enjoy it even more. It is well known that women love compliments. It is human nature. People love hearing about themselves and talking about themselves. When you listen in on women talk, the women invariably lead the discussion back to themselves – what THEY think, what THEIR experiences are, etc.

If imitation is the best compliment a woman can pay another woman, hitting on a woman is the biggest compliment a guy can pay a woman. Women, no matter how pretty they are, will have some level of doubt so when a man hits on them, it serves to reduce that doubt and increase their ego. Pretty women especially have such a high ego that they greatly enjoy this quick boost to their ego.

Secret # 3: Beautiful women cannot be seduced with compliments or the nice guy routine

Beautiful women get hit on many times a day, each and every single day. Day in and day out. They have such experience with men hitting on them that they can quickly figure out your routine. Most guys, when approaching beautiful women, either come off as creeps or give up their status and value for her approval. Lines such as:

  • “I think you’re beautiful.”
  • “You have the most beautiful hair/eyes/body I have ever seen.”
  • “You’re positively gorgeous.”

Junk lines like these just does not work because it does not do anything to show YOUR value. This just serves to cement the woman’s value and give her more power. Contrary to popular belief, the friend or nice guy routine serves to work against you! In their minds, women distinguish lovers and friends very clearly and a guy can not cross over from one to another. To seduce a woman, you need to bypass this friendship nonsense and generate an emotional spark.

The ONLY way to pick up a beautiful woman is the pickup artist technique called DHV (displaying high value). This is not merely some cheap pickup artist trick but is the underlying mechanics of attraction. You MUST exhibit a value that is above, or at minimum, equal to her own value. Or you can utilize the pickup artist trick of briefly raising your perceived value by utilizing routines and tricks such as the cube routine.

Secret # 4: Beautiful women CAN be seduced

Beautiful women are mortal, they require love, affection and boyfriends just like other women. The difference is, their value is so high that you have to match that value with your own perceived value. Also, since they are hit on so much and because they have so many options (chumps) to pick from, you have to differentiate yourself from the pack of horny monkeys.

It is not power, money, looks, or your Don Juan charm they’re attracted to. They are attracted to your perceived value. That is why beautiful women are always with rich and powerful guys. It is because these guys naturally have and exhibit a high perceived value. If you’re a powerless and poor chump, how do you go about displaying high value?

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How to attract girls in College without Doing Anything

It is not easy to attract girls in college. Although boys will go to great lengths and do anything to attract girls in college, most of them fail to make an impression.

One way to attract girls in college is to do something unique. This is an advice that most of your peers or friends may impart. The logic is that you are noticed in college for doing things that are out of the ordinary. The idea is that even when you are dressed in something sober and unnoticeable, you may use an accessory that makes you stand out. Or, if you know everyone else will be dressed casually in a college party, wear something formal to get noticed.

On the face of it, it seems to be a good advice. You definitely are noticed if you are doing or acting out of the ordinary. But, is being noticed is all that is to attract girls in college.

There are basically two reasons why it is difficult attract girls in college. For one, being college girls, they are more demanding simply because there have a vast choice in front of them. A college girl will wait for long until she meets a boy she really wants to date. Even after she meets one she likes, she will want to be doubly sure before she takes the relationship a step forward.

It is difficult to attract girls in college also because they are approached by many boys on regular basis, and so they are always one step ahead of you. They know the dating book or the article from where you learned how to attract girls in college. They already know the tricks you are employing to make an opening.

You must realize that it is not being unique, but being interesting that will actually help you attract girls in college. Remember that college girls are smart and will readily pick up an interesting boy from a crowd. College girls being what they are, tend to get bored very quickly. If you are spontaneous in your responses, you are liable to be noticed quickly. Keep the conversation going and do not let it move into a silence zone.

Another thing that you may try is to change your attitude. Say and do things differently when in company of girls. Be polite and respectful to them. If you find it difficult to find topics to talk about, try talking about special skills you might have or things like your goal in life.

There are more ideas if you want to learn how to attract girls in college but the best way is not to be too eager. Try to attract girls, but not chase them. Do not pretend to be what you are not. It may take some time but you can be sure that your honesty and transparency is respected. Remember that college girls are also looking for ways to attract men. Be patient and the girl that is best suited to you will find you without your having to do anything.

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Learn the 5 Secrets of how to impress a girl, especially a beautiful supermodel

Have you ever seen a gorgeous woman who could be a supermodel walk down the street holding hands with a shorter, not as attractive guy and wondered to yourself how a guy like that could get a girl like that? That guy probably knows some things that you don’t  the secrets of how to impress a girl

if you learn the 5 secrets of how to impress a girl, especially a supermodel, beautiful, gorgeous woman. Read on to learn the 5 secrets of how toimpress a girl!


1.  Don’t Be Too Serious

When you approach a gorgeous woman, surprise her by not taking yourself too seriously. Eliminate all nervousness from your body language and just have fun when talking to her. Self-deprecation can be very sexy to a beautiful woman  they’re used to guys trying to find out how to impress her, they’re not used to a guy who’s being cool and making fun of himself.

2.  Compliment Her, But Not About Her Looks!

One of the biggest complaints that beautiful women have is that people only notice their beauty and nothing else about them. So, don’t fall into that trap of complimenting her on her looks. Don’t say how beautiful her eyes are or how long her legs are  that’s not how to impress a girl, especially a very hot one. Find other things about her that you like to compliment her about. Maybe she made a cute joke  you could say that you really like how she’s funny and clever.

3.  Have Some Substance

If you’re not good looking, it doesn’t matter. Hot women want you to have something other than looks, because since they’re complimented on it all day long, it’s just not as important to them. You need to have some substance and show that when you talk to her.

4. Keep It Light and Casual

Beautiful women are used to men falling in love with them easily. After all, men are very visual creatures. Don’t fall for her too fast. Keep it light by having light conversations with her that are fun and flirty. Learn how to impress a girl by teasing her, instead of making future plans further than a first date. Make her work for you. Understand how to impress a girl by keeping it light at the beginning.

5.  Don’t Be Dishonest

Since beautiful women have their pick of any man they want, they will expect you to be very honest and straightforward with them. Dishonesty, lying, or vagueness will immediately turn them off. Learn how to impress her by always being honest about yourself. Honesty shows that you’re confident about who you are  that’s always a good way how to impress a girl.

If you understand how a beautiful girl’s mind works and what her experiences with men are like, you will be closer to knowing how to impress a girl, especially a beautiful supermodel.

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How Shy Guys Act Around A Girl They Like- 4 Incredible Dating Tips For Shy Guys


There are quite a few shy decent guys who need a little advice how shy guys act around a girl they like that will help them in meeting attractive women. In fact this is one of the toughest things for shy guys to do as they constantly seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to women.

If this sounds like you don’t agonize as approaching women is not as troublesome as you think, Especially if you are shy. These simple dating tips for shy guys will have you dating the most beautiful women in no time.

1. Be Ready for The Game: Guys who seem to get lucky get lucky because they were ready. Preparation plus opportunity equals luck. You need to commit to memory a few opening lines that will engage a women in conversation.

The best opening lines are opinion questions as she will be forced to talk to give you an answer which leads to additional conversation. Being prepared will eliminate hesitation as you will already know what your going to say on the approach making you more relaxed.

2. Use Negative Visualization: Most shy guys never make a move on a women because they are unsettled by a woman’s appeal. Pay close attention as this will be some of the best how shy guys act around a girl they like as well as one of  the best dating tips for shy guys I can present you.

Use your mind’s eye to make her seem less pretty for example think of her with a mustache or bald headed or hairy arms. This will help you tone down the attraction and make it a less daunting situation for you. The mind is powerful, use it!

3. Tell Her Stories: Women love men who can tell fascinating stories just watch some James Bond movies and you will see this in action. Prepare a couple of stories about anything (Keep up with whats going on daily) and use them when talking with a woman. If you can tell her terrific stories she will be your captive audience all day.

4. You Have 3 Seconds: Shyness happens when you let your brain to rationalize all the bad outcomes of a situation. This starts after about 3 seconds of reluctance. DO NOT hesitate. Don’t let your brain get started. Your prepared make your move and do it in 3 seconds or less when you see a woman that your attracted to. Just say “HI” and she will respond and go into your opener.

I can give you all the advice on how shy guys act around a girl they like in the world or the best dating tips for shy guys but it will not be important if you do not put it to use. Go be social.

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Dating Secrets All Men Should Know- 3 Secrets of Attracting Women Easily

Just about everyone loves secrets,  am I right?  The thought of being able to tap into some secret and learn how to attract women easily is something that intrigues and tempts a lot of men.  The funny thing about it is,  once you learn the secrets that will help you to attract women easily,  you will probably be surprised at how obvious they really are.

What I see happening a lot is that men make dating and attracting women more complex than it has to be.  When you break down the human mating game,  it’s actually quite a simple thing,  really.  Most men are really just held back by their own limiting beliefs and their own fears about possibly getting rejected.  Once you let go of those beliefs and those fears,  you will find that dating women can actually be pretty fun.

Here are 3 dating secrets of attracting women that all men should know:

1.  Women are not going to be mad when you approach them,  as long as you don’t do anything cheesy or nervy.

I’ll admit that there may be some exceptions to this.  You might come across a woman here and there that has a real attitude or she may be just having a bad day.  Far and wide though,  most of the women that you are going to encounter are not going to have a problem with you making the approach,  as long as you don’t seem like you are just trying to run game on them.

2.  Even the best of the best get shot down sometimes.

One thing that a lot of men will miss out on when they see guys that they think of as being really good with women is,  these guys still do get rejected once in a while.  It’s not like they can end up hooking up with EVERY single woman that they ever encounter.  Some of them are going to say NO.  The difference is,  guys who are good with women can bounce back pretty easily.

3.  Flirting with a woman is something that can get you dates quicker than anything else.

Really, I should say that effective and enjoyable flirting will get you dates really quickly.  Don’t pack any pressure into the experience,  don’t make it seem like you are trying too hard to get a certain outcome.  Just lay back and enjoy yourself and make sure that she is enjoying herself and you will have a really good chance of getting her number or a date.

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How To Talk To Women – 5 Rules That You Must Follow

Many men encounter problems with meeting women. But in reality, it’s not the thought of “meeting” ladies the real reason why men are scared. It is well known that most men have no idea how to talk to women.

Men are usually baffled when trying to talk to the opposite sex especially if they feel they have nothing interesting to talk about. This is completely natural, which is good news. Men usually have jitters in the stomach and sweaty palms when talking to women they like.

When you think about how to talk to women effectively you only need to keep it to some very basic principles. Because they lack knowledge on the basics, a lot of men try to walk the extra mile but still fail. The top five things to DO and AVOID doing are the following

1.Don’t pretend to be anyone else. You must not pretend to be someone other than yourself when talking to women. Sooner or later, they will be able to notice that you are not being honest with yourself. Instead of getting drawn to you, your artificial personality will only repel women away from you. Women are far more intuitive than men, and they see right through it. So always be yourself.

2. Stay collected and do not overwhelm yourself too much. It is a fact that both men and women feel nervous when talking to the opposite sex, it’s natural. It is crucial that you remain calm throughout your conversation. For your mind to stay relaxed, don’t think about wanting her to be your girlfriend your sole reason for talking to her. Kick-off friendly. You do not need to appear impressive all the time.

3. Look for things you have in common. A simple way to keep the flow of conversation going is to seek a common interest. You can ask her about her most loved cuisine. Begin from there and build the conversation up by talking about your favorite restaurants, chefs, and cooking shows. Discovering a common interest will keep the conversation going. Of course, this also gives you the chance to get to know her better.

4. Stay away from cheesy pick-up lines. Cheesy pick-up lines are too Jurassic. As referred to, a friendly chat to start off with will lead to improved results. This rescues you from a string of uneasy and awkward moments. A wonderful friendship between both of you can be easily developed by practicing it.

5. If it seems like the proper time, smile and laugh.Do not be too stiff. Women love men they can share a laugh with. So share a laugh with everybody by cracking jokes without having to try too hard doing so. Joke around like you do with your close friends (If you have a lot of girl friends it will come naturally to you through experience).

With a great deal of practice over time, you can perfect the skill of how to talk to women. The crucial thing to observe is to be relaxed until the end of the conversation. This will let your real persona shine brightly and draw her in through your true charm.

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Dating Tips For Men- Attracting Beautiful Women Without Effort

Most guys can find themselves falling in love with the idea of being able to attract beautiful women without much or any effort at all. Yet, you and I both know that this is more a fantasy than anything else. When you want to attract beautiful women, the truth is, you are going to have to put forth some effort. They key is to learn exactly where you will get your best rewards for the efforts that you DO put in. More men make the mistake of putting all of their efforts with women into doing the WRONG things to try and win her over.

Here are some dating tips for men that you NEED to consider if you want to start attracting beautiful women with minimal efforts:

1. You have to work on YOU first.

Most guys want to just read a book or watch a video and hope that some magical answer will somehow be revealed to them. Wouldn’t that be nice? One of the things that you HAVE to do as a man is to work on yourself. Get YOUR life to where you want it to be. This will give you the sense of natural confidence and security, which are both very attractive qualities to a woman. You have to be able to have the right mindset to start attracting beautiful women and it DOES start with YOU!

2. You must be able to demonstrate your alpha male traits through your body language.

Now, I know that most men have a bit of weariness when they think about learning how to use body language to attract a woman. It sounds so complicated and makes you think that you will have to study for months before you will see any real results. This is NOT true. Some simple and basic understanding of how to use body language to attract a woman can easily produce amazing results. You will be able to attract beautiful women, as they are almost DRAWN to YOU.

3. You MUST be able to talk to a woman in a way that makes her feel attracted from the get go.

If you feel as though you do not have the conversational skills to attract a woman, then you will want to get some practice. Go out and pick a woman at random and just start a conversation with her. She doesn’t have to that hot when you first start out. The whole point is to gain confidence when you are around women and learn how to talk to women in a way that makes them feel attraction for YOU.

4. Flirting with a woman has to seem like it just FLOWS.

When flirting with a woman, it should never seem like a hassle or a chore. You shouldn’t feel dread at the thought of flirting with a woman. The more experience that you gain in this department or area, you will be able to see that not only is it enjoyable, it’s also one of the best and easiest ways to start attracting beautiful women without much effort. A beautiful woman will naturally respond to a man that can flirt with her in a way that makes her FEEL something wonderful.

5. You have to be able to handle rejection from a woman.

Let’s face it, you are going to get the cold shoulder from a woman from time to time. It’s just the way that it goes. Some guys when they get rejected from a woman, become hung up on her. And they waste all of their time trying to go after the one woman that does NOT want to be with them. Talk about wasting your efforts. You have to be able to move on with the breeze and approach the next woman.

6. You must have the RIGHT appearance.

Now, you don’t have to go out to the mall and spend all of your money on the trendiest clothes and an overpriced haircut. The thing is, you just want to appear like you are clean and put together. Most women are not that into being with a guy that seems like a slob of sorts. So, don’t give off that impression. Just keep your appearance looking neat and make sure that you SMELL good. Pick up some good cologne and this should do the trick.

7. Don’t start comparing yourself to other guys.

This can damage your self esteem really quickly. If you start to see improvements in your personal life, just focus on this. Don’t allow yourself to down play your success with women by comparing yourself to other men. You just want to make sure that YOUR experiences with women are what you want them to be, or at least that they are on track.

Trying to master this area of your life, and start attracting beautiful women without much effort can seem like a tall task at first. When you break things down and learn what really works to attract a woman, you can see that there are certain things that you can do that will spark attraction with a woman almost instantly.

This will help to make you turn into the kind of man that can attract beautiful women without a whole lot of efforts. It doesn’t have to be just a dream or a fantasy for YOU. Any man can learn how to develop the kind of alpha male traits that attract beautiful women with ease. You have to ask yourself, are you ready to start now?

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How to Overcome Shyness Around Women – 5 Tips on Being Able to Confidently Talk to Women

There are definitely varying degrees of shyness that men will exhibit with women. Some guys have no problems at all approaching and talking to women, and others are utterly terrified of even approaching a woman that they do not already know, or one that they do not know very well. And a lot of guys are really somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes they can confidently start a conversation with a woman, and then there are other times when they just cannot seem to make it happen.

I am going to kind of “target” this article at guys that are really uncomfortable when talking to women, and depending on where you find yourself, you may be able to pick up a few things here and there, even if you are more in the middle, so to speak.

First of all, I would like you to think of where the fear comes from. Was there EVER a time in your life that you did not have any fear about talking to women, or was it always that way?

I know for myself, that there have been times when it seemed like I could approach any woman that I wanted to and I did not even think twice about it, and there have been just as many times when I felt as though I could not even start a conversation with a butt ugly chick.

Obviously in those situations, where the woman is not attractive, it is not a situation where you are intimidated by her looks.

For many guys, the fear comes from the “unkown.”

What do I mean by this?

At many different points in your life, I can assume that the majority of your social circle, or your social network has consisted of mostly other men. Don’t count female family members, and I bet that the majority of the time, your social circle has mostly been other guys.

So, right there, you kind of have a disconnection from women, and you probably are not really sure what to talk about, and you have no real reference points in your mind that shows you that you can easily start a conversation with a woman.

Now, I can also bet that there have been times when your social circle did have at least a couple of females in there. Maybe it was in high school or college. During those times, I will also bet that you found it at least a little bit easier to talk to women.


Because you had those reference points in your mind, you have examples and memories of conversations with women, and that was enough to tell you that you DID know how to talk to women, at least on some level.

The reason why I am digging into this area, is because most men that have a REALLY hard time talking to women… don’t talk to women that often.

And that is the source of a lot of the fear and the awkwardness, it’s the inexperience.

So, here are 5 tips on how to overcome shyness with women and be able to confidently talk to women:

1. Become friends with at least one female.

And I do mean friends and nothing more. You want to introduce some females into your life and your social circle. The change that you can make just by doing this alone can be profound. One guy that I worked with took this one bit of advice and kind of ran with it. He wound up making friends with quite a few women, and suddenly he saw that he could talk to women, no problems at all.

He built new references and experiences in his mind, ones that he could pull from at any time, and realize that he DID have the skills to talk to any woman that he wanted. The result? He started dating more women in one year than he had in the previous 5 years.

2. Approach at least one woman per week that you do not know and start a conversation, no matter how small.

Eventually, if you really want to get this area of your life “mastered,” then I suggest that you up it to one woman per day. The point of doing this is not to get a date or a phone number, at least not at first. It’s about overcoming the “shock” of approaching women that you do not know, and starting a conversation with her.

Soon, whatever fears that you might have will start to subside, and you will realize that it can actually be kind of easy to start a conversation with a woman, even when you don’t know her at all.

3. Now that you have started to get female friends and started to talk to women that you do not know, start to build up for something more.

Once you have a female friend, and hopefully more than just one in your network, and you have started to approach women that you do not know and get a conversation going, it’s time to UP the ante. You now want to start at least getting some phone numbers from women.

When you approach a woman that you do not know and the conversation seems to be fun and maybe even a little flirty, ask her for her phone number. Sure, she might say NO, and she might just move on after that. The point is to get used to asking for her number so that way, the shock of doing that will just wear off.

4. After the first one or two or maybe even three women, you have probably gotten at least one phone number, and now, you want to get comfortable making plans or dates.

Obviously, you are not approaching women just to have a stash of phone numbers, right? The whole point in getting the phone number is to work up to a date with her, and of course, maybe even more than that. So, you want to get used to talking to her on the phone, at least enough to make plans.

Depending on your personality, a short conversation may be better and more effective than a longer one. The more silent pauses there are, the more it will seem like she would be bored on a date with you. So, if that is your personality, make it short, touch base with her, and get her to meet you somewhere. My favorite thing has always been to get a woman to hop on the train and head into Manhattan, yours may be different.

5. This is probably the MOST important tip of all– Think of EVERY FAILED ATTEMPT AS JUST A PRACTICE RUN.

If you think of every rejection or every conversation that leads to nowhere as just being a test run, a practice, then it will not have as big of an impact on you as if you think of it as being just another sign that you suck with women. You probably DON’T suck with women as much as you think you do, and when it starts to “click” and you start to get more and more dates with women, then you will look back on all of those failed attempts as just being either funny or a lesson learned and nothing more.

There is no shortage of women that are worth dating out there, so don’t have the mentality that you let one get away and that you might never get another opportunity like that. Look around, beautiful women are everywhere, and every day you can end up coming across a woman that is even better than the last.

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Dating Advice for Men: Attracting Hot Women

Every guy wants to date hot women. The problem is that most men are intimidated by beautiful women and have no clue what it really takes to attract them. Hot women get hit on all the time and have a ton of options, so in order to succeed with them, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. However, don’t think this is about money, fame or good looks. It’s about being different.

Hot women are attracted to masculinity and confidence, and if you don’t possess these traits, then quite honestly, your chances of attracting the hot women you want are minimal. Average guys are everywhere, and they don’t get noticed. Hot women don’t want needy, insecure and weak men. They feel attraction to men who are in control, strong in their own reality and make decisionswithout needing approval from others. Beautiful women don’t need to ask guys out because they have men coming at them from every direction, all the time. So if you want any hope of attracting these women, you have to take action and talk to them.

If a woman is hot, chances are she already knows it and she will move on quickly from a guy who doesn’t have the guts to approach, hold eye contact and have a normal conversation with her. So instead of falling all over yourself and being in awe when you’re around a hot woman, completely ignore the fact that she is extremely good looking and treat her like any other person you might meet. This technique not only makes you seem “normal” to her, it also makes you seem mysterious and will spark her interest. She will then subconsciously think that you have a lot of options. You’ll then create the impression that you are hard to get, and hot women find that kind of challenge irresistible.

Most women care more about the way a man carries himself than his looks. Hot women will pursue an “average” looking guy who is articulate, makes them laugh and knows how to have a good time much quicker than a man that may be a little better on the eyes, but is wearing a frown and looks uptight and unfriendly. Showing a woman that you have the etiquette of a gentleman is also a powerful way to stand out from the crowd, and small gestures from opening a door for her to pulling out her chair will set you apart from most of the other guys.

One of the biggest mistakes men make with women is being completely predictable. Being predictable instantly kills the main two things that all hot women are desperately searching for: excitement and anticipation. Women are naturally attracted to a man’s personality more than anything else he can offer, so in order to attract hot women, be original, spontaneous and keep them guessing. Be creative and offer up fun things to do that they don’t keep hearing from other guys. Be a man with a plan and make your move.

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