Learn The Tao of Badass: How to Get Beautiful Women All Over You

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Can Tao of Badass Make You the Man Any Beautiful Woman Wants?

Do you want hot women to compete for your attention? Are you tired of being treated as “only friend” by every hot woman you met? Attracting and talking to hot women can be tough, if you don’t have the right skills and techniques. The good news is these skills and techniques can be taught. If you are willing to put in the effort to learn these skills and techniques, you will become the object of desire to any woman you meet in your life.

Meet Joshua Pellicer, the author of an ebook called The Tao of Badass. Joshua is a highly successful dating guru who has made appearances on NBC for interviews about his success, and on SIRIUS to give dating tips to thousands of satisfied people. Joshua spent over a year studying psychology of women and trying out different techniques on how to attract  women to learn what works and what doesn’t. The Tao of Badass is the result of these trials and errors so the techniques you learn are no BS and proven to work! (if they don’t for you, be sure to let him know!)

Are most women attracted to guys with good looks and money? The answer is a big NO. Women, especially the attractive ones, are attracted to what Joshua calls “pre-selection.” By this he means women want guys that other women want. A hot woman gets hit on many times by all kinds of men each day, so how do you become one that she chooses over others? Confidence. And there are multiple ways to exude confidence when approaching and talking to women. One way to show you are confident is through body languages, which women are very good at picking up, whether consciously or not. And Joshua will show you these body language techniques to make any hot women go crazy for you in his 5-week mastery course that comes with the ebook.

Because of the company Joshua worked for, he used to charge thousands of dollars to coach his students in dating. After he left the company, he decided to continue coaching. The only difference is, he is charging a lot less than before. You pay $67 for a training program that offers a huge value which consists of :

  • An ebook that teaches you to get any women you want regardless of your age, status, or looks.
  • 5-week course in body language mastery to get a woman to lower her guard and desire you.
  • An access to Tao of Badass community (80,000 members and growing) where you can interact with and learn from including Joshua Pellicer himself.
  • Access to tons of video interviews with top seducers around the world giving tips on such as how to text a woman into bed and how to walk to turn on any unsuspecting woman.
  • Bonus: advice on how to escape the “friend zone”.
  • Bonus: 7 powerful tips on how to have an endless supply of women.
  • Bonus: advice on when to break up with a woman and how to get over any woman.
  • Bonus: tips to avoid getting cheated on and how to find out if you are getting cheated on.
  • Audio formats of all the books by Joshua Pellicer.
  • Subliminal inner confidence MP3s; powerful NLP messages to dramatically improve your beliefs and confidence around women.
  • Module 1 of Hacking Attraction: more tips on how to improve your attraction to women.

My favorite part of this system/training program it coaches you in how to approach and start a conversation with women.  For shy guys (like me) I think this will be very helpful because you will be taught exactly how to do that with confidence despite your shyness.

Tao of Badass equips you with so many powerful techniques on how to make hot women want you that I am afraid the wrong person using these techniques might abuse this power. So my caution to you is: please do practice these techniques you have learned responsibly. If you are still not convinced The Tao of Badass will get you laid with countless hot women or to get the girl of your dreams fall in love with you, I recommend you try it out and if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you have 60 days to contact Joshua Pellicer for a refund.

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